May 8 2007

Power station harnesses Sun’s rays

A fascinating article over on the BBC News site about an all solar-powered power generation plant. Go read the article for all the technical details, but it’s fairly ingenious. This one tower produces enough energy for 6,000 homes without producing one particle of greenhouse gases.

The mirrors track the sun, reflect the energy at the tower, the energy heats the water to steam, the steam fires the turbines. Simple concept, way wacky looking, and an inexhaustible power supply with no pollution. It doesn’t say what happens on a cloudy day, but some of the countries with lots of sunlight… heck, think of Hawaii!… and you are talking a massive cut in pollution, refining, and after initial costs, a major cash savings.

Let’s go for it!

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  • Even if towers like this supplement energy (on sunny days) we get from current sources (on cloudy days), they could really reduce pollution but the U.S. is INCREDIBLY short-sighted and Americans monumentally selfish about such things. Recently, there was an article about putting windmills in the ocean rather far from the coast in the north east and the residents with beach front property were worried about the possible effect on the view. :-p

    As usual, Europe will have to lead the way and America will likely continue to over-use its share of energy and resources and pollute the planet and put fingers in ears when it comes to global warming.

  • Shari –

    Oh dear lord, the windmill debacle. You are correct, we will continue to be asses while Europe will kick our butts on new energy research. These towers may not be that pretty to look at, but just one of them would run my entire town!