May 9 2007

Freakin’ Hot

It’s 80+ degrees in my house. Not that that is the worst temperature ever, but it’s uncomfortable an causes me to keep falling asleep at random times.

I would turn on the AC, but the units need to be worked on and we can’t get the usual service guys out here for whatever reason. It’s making my sleep miserable, I’m grumpy (I know “You aren’t usually?”), and I need it to cool off dammit!

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General Rants

  • Try taking a cool shower before bed and leave your hair wetter than usual (since a lot of heating/cooling occurs at your head – this will cool you down more). Also, don’t wear socks around the house (if you are). At this temperature (it’s about the same in Tokyo), fans usually work to keep you cool and aren’t as big energy pigs as air conditioners.

    If all else fails, wear a dampened shirt and sit by a fan if that’s possible.

  • I have foot claustrophobia, I hardly wear shoes at work, and at home I never wear socks or shoes. I do have ceiling fans going, but they just aren’t moving the air enough.