May 12 2007

Family Guy Sucks… Video Proof

I enjoyed Family Guy when it first started, but when it got resurrected from cancellation, there was something very different about it. I hardly laughed, the jokes felt more random, an they seemed to no longer have any sort of plots.

So I went back and watched old episodes and realized this wasn’t a new problem. It has always sucked for the most part. South Park did a brilliant two parter called “Cartoon Wars” which presented the idea the show was written by manatees in a tank, randomly nosing volley balls with words on them into a hopper. Yeah… pretty much.

Now some brave soul has pointed out another problem with the show… the blatant rip-offs from The Simpsons.

Yeah, that pretty sums it up.

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  • To be fair, even South Park recognized that the Simpsons have made so many episodes at this point that it’s nearly impossible to avoid repeating something they’ve done (“Simpsons Did It”). Also, the Simpsons themselves have ripped off a lot of their scenarios and gags from even older sources. The bit where the dogs eat every bite as Home tries to eat is definitely a retread of something older and oft-repeated (likely the Marx Brothers or Three Stooges).

    The Simpsons has an older writing staff that is aping a lot of things which their audience has not been exposed to so they get credit for being more original than they really are. In many cases, such “rip-offs” are unconscious as people don’t even remember their exposure to such things and it pops to mind as what they believe to be a unique thought.

    I’m not saying “Family Guy” is great or “The Simpsons” is bad but just that this clip is very misleading. There is an extremely high likelihood that anyone with knowledge and access to old comedy (“I Love Lucy” would probably be a big one as well) could probably put together a similar clip showing the Simpsons “ripping off” these sources.

  • Shari – I totally agree with you that is difficult to avoid similar gags, and I also agree Simpsons retread some stuff from the classic comedy teams. There is a point though when you are even retreading the dialog exactly that you have to go “wow… that really is just plain laziness”.