May 13 2007

Techie Fun Revisited

Back in November I talked about a Firefox extension called Gmail Space. Still love it, still use it.

I haven’t had a ton of time to explore other extensions though, and I honestly can’t remember how I heard about this one, but I am totally in love now with Foxmarks. The basic premise is simplicity. You have more than one computer, but it’s always a pain in the butt making sure the bookmarks are the same on both computers. This extension sends your bookmarks to a central server, and it makes sure the bookmarks are the same as many computers as you want. This is all done automatically once you install it on all the computers you want.

Now, the only thing that makes me nervous is, who sees this file? I have no real clue. I have nothing worth hiding in my bookmarks, but you still have to wonder.

Overall I’m loving it though. My bookmarks are in perfect sync on my work computer and my laptop at all times now. Absolutely invaluable to me.

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