May 18 2007

More Transformers


Here are good shots of eight of the Transformers from the upcoming movie. Click any image for a super large version. And I do mean LARGE.

These designs disturb me for so many reasons. Take Franzy for instance, he’s too frail looking. Yes, he is the smallest Transformer in the movie, but that doesn’t change the fact he looks like he could be snapped by a two-year old. Starscream looks like a giant jumbled mess that you can’t make heads-or-tails out of.

I think the problem is they look over-designed. Yes, I understand Michael Bay was going for a more realistic look, but it seems like these are more about look than substance. You didn’t care in the cartoon how silly it was that Frenzy was the size of a human being in robot mode, and turned into a micro cassette in disguise mode. It was suspension of disbelief and it was fine.

Why does Optimus Prime now have lips with a guard that snaps into place while he fights? Are his robot lips THAT fragile they have to be protected? Well, if that’s the case, then… DON’T HAVE LIPS!

The new trailer is out, and in the scene where Blackout is attacking the military base, he fires what sounds like a chain gun. Um… they now fire bullets instead of energy beams? In another scene, Blackout is spinning in a jump and fires off what appears to be a big honking missile. Another projectile weapon? What the hell?!? They’re from an advanced civilization, let them have laser beams for crying out loud!

Anyway, here’s the pictures.

The Autobots
Optimus Prime
The Decepticons

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