May 21 2007

Dark Knight Version Of The Joker

The sequel to Batman Begins is filming, this time out, entitled The Dark Knight. This time around, my favorite Batman villain is up to bat (HA!), The Joker.

To me, The Joker demonstrates that Batman is as insane as the enemies he fights. Off-kilter, not right in his own head, and coming from a place so dark, it might scare his, supposedly, insane enemies. This concept is perfectly illustrated in Alan Moore’s classic one-shot, The Killing Joke. Two sides of the same coin, both insane, just using their insanity for different ends.

So, last week Warner Brothers launched a site named I Believe in Harvey Dent, all about the district attorney who eventually becomes the Batman enemy, Two-Face. This was followed up a few days later with a mysterious site name I Believe in Harvey Dent Too where you entered an email address, a code was sent to you, and a pixel was removed from the page, slowly reveling the first picture of Heath Ledger as The Joker.

The rest of this post is under the cut as I know some of my readers fear clowns…

Here is one of my all-time fave pics of The Joker, taken from The Killing Joke

And here’s Heath’s version
I have no clue what is up with the scars on the new version of The Joker, but I’m intrigued. There are dozens of rumors circulating about the scars, but we’ll see how it plays out.Kudos to Warner Brothers though for the interesting way to release the first image.

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