May 25 2007

30 Years On

I’ve been watching all the Star Wars movies in order this evening on cable in celebration of the first movie coming out 30 years ago today. This led to a family argument…

Yep… when did we see Star Wars (now known as Episode IV:A New Hope) for the first time? Mom and dad swore it was a year after it was released. I claimed it was September 1977, and gave them a list of reasons I was right.

I finally by proving the release date of the comics.

Never argue Star Wars with me… you WILL lose.

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September 14 2008

Spider-Man 3

  • You finally what by proving the release date? Settled it? Smote them?

    Here’s a possible conflict… I might win an argument with you over Star Wars, providing it stays within the canon of the films. I saw the first Star Wars two weeks after its initial release, on my birthday in 1977. Still have the “May the Force be With You” button my mom sweet-talked an usher into giving up for her son’s birthday. Saw it some 17 more times in the theaters before I started watching it on VHS/DVD. Saw “Empire” and “Jedi” a similar number of times, one of the “Jedi” viewings being in Japan when I first came here to visit. While I haven’t gone quite as hog-wild in viewing the remaining three SW films, I am very familiar with them.

    Have you ever noticed, BTW, people who swear they remember seeing the scenes in the 1977 release that had Luke spotting the battle in orbit, speeding into town, and talking to Biggs? It was never in any release, but people saw the stills, read about it, and/or saw the scenes somewhere else, and incorporated them into their memory of their first viewing. Interesting how memory works.

  • I smote them… my parents have been firmly smoted.

    I used Wookiepedia to prove the release date of the fourth issue of the Marvel Comics Star Wars adaptation, October 1977. They agreed I had seen the movie before I bought the comic, and they remember it being issue #4 also as I drove them insane trying to find issues #1 – 3.

    Yeah, people saw the still photos of Luke by the moisture vaparator with the macronoculars (and that STUPID white hat) so many times, they think it was in the movie. Then the shots of Biggs (wearing far too many clothes… and a CAPE… for a desert) and Luke on the top of the adobe building, threw people off. What they don’t realize is that next to no pictures of Fixer and Camie were released until years later, so they were missing even knowing about a section of the scene.

    I try to stick to canon, but parts of the EU sneak in here and there.

  • You ever see the bootlegged versions of the scenes?

  • Oh yeah. Then there was a Star Wars CD-ROM some years back called “Behind The Magic” or some such thing, that had them on there. The only reason I bought it was too see the Fixer/Camie/Biggs scene clearly.

    I have no clue why he hasn’t included that stuff in the dozen or so recuts he’s done. Everyone wants them, he just keeps teasing us with them.

    Oh, I’ve also seen the Jabba scene when he was still an Irish fat guy in animal skins… I still liked him better than the re-worked slug version.