May 26 2007

Google Blogs… that was creepy!

I had to come back to the office very late tonight (it’s currently 1:45 AM) because the main computer was acting up… again. As it was going through it’s checks, I turned on the monitor for the second computer on my desk so I could check the main one remotely. For some reason, this computer’s Google Desktop got configured with pop-up news stories, and I’ve just never bothered to change it.

As I was sitting her, typing away merrily and grunting at the world of technology, down in the corner I see “The RIAA Is On Something” go by. “How odd“, I think, “that was the name of my blog entry yesterday!” I click the back button on the little pop-up window and… it WAS my blog entry.

It seems in my paying zero attention to Google lately, I was not aware they had started syndicating blogs of their own accord. I did a search, and both this blog and my LiveJournal account are in the Google Blog Search directory. It’s kind of creepy seeing your own blog entries go by in big syndication system like that. You start wondering “Did I spell everything correctly?” Knowing me? Probably not. And I am SURE I blew some grammar.

If, by some remote chance, you came here due to Google Blog Search… HI! How ya doin’? May I intrest you in some RIAA hatred?

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