May 28 2007

The most insane trackback ever?

I was on, and at the bottom they have RSS feeds from their sister sites, one of them being While not my normal cup of tea, I saw one that said “Stylish Storage Idea“, seeing as I always need more storage, I looked.

They didn’t have much information beyond the picture and saying it was a great idea, so I went to where they got the story from on Well… they got the news from somewhere else… thought it was a great idea also… but they weren’t the source, they got it from…, which seems to be a site all about new inventions and they found it at…

Bem Legaus!, a blog in what appears to be Spanish. Hmm… still not the source! He got it from… Oh no! No linkage here! Has my hunt come to an end?!? Nope… photo credit shows they got it from Vogue Living Australia. Once I got there though, I couldn’t find any information. The silly thing? I don’t even have those types of stairs! I just got mildly interested, and then it became a game following the links!

I can understand personal blogs not doing the due diligence and going all the way back to the source, but a professional blog such as Style Dash? Just seems sloppy to me and the way for a writer to fill their quota of articles. And yes, this oddly ties into my never ending battle on sloppy journalism. How did they know this was a real product without finding the manufacturer’s website, or at least listing how to contact them?

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

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