May 29 2007

A Follow-Up To The Insane Trackback

Yesterday I made a post about finding the source of a blog story, and how it just kept leading me further and further back. I mentioned the last place I could find the picture/story was a site named Desire To Inspire. Well, due to backtracks, Jo from that site left me a comment detailing the whole sordid tale of the endlessly stolen picture and story:

The original post was mine. The image is a scanned one from Vogue Living Australia. The actual joinery company is named in the comments. Unicraft Joinery, Hamilton, Victoria here in Australia. No website unfortunately. My blog partner Kim and I always try to cite our sources. If there is not an actual link then the image is a scanned one from a print source hence no link. In the last few weeks of our short 4 month history we are not even scanning. Everything has a link or is original material submitted by readers.

It has been a strange experience following this image as it travelled through the blogosphere knowing full well that it was my scan. There was no way else it could appear as there is no actual link. Slowly but surely all reference was lost until it landed in your lap and the hunt began. We have tracked our little world travelling staircase’s progress through Technorati but only its appearances where we have been cited as source. Other clues have turned up through our site counter. Why else would 800 people turn up from a Spanish website? A short scroll back and yes there it is our most famous stolen image.

Quoting the source is very important to us for just this reason and also one of the reasons why we are no longer scanning images. It has illustrated beautifully though the “Chinese whispers” effect of the blog world. If you are interested in tracking it to the very end then the Vogue Living is the Before+After Autumn/Winter 2007 issue. The Unicraft Joinery address can of course be found by googling.

Thanks for posting this. Glad there is someone else who finds this epic journey strangely fascinating.

P.S. I have amended the original post to acknowledge this is a scan and to point out that the manufacturer is in the comments section.

This prompted me to email Jo and get more details. She also shared with me scans of the original source material

The cover of the Vogue Living Before + After

Vogue Living Before + After

The interior page with the picture they scanned

Stair Drawers page

So, no question in my mind they were the originators of this blog post, and as Jo explained to me in an email, it has snowballed all over the net with very few people giving them the credit as the original scanners of the picture. She also explained their reason for not linking the manufacturer… no website! So all good on their end, and I have even added them to my blogroll as their site is interesting and full of good ideas.Just remember, if you want to talk about something they’ve shown… cite them as the source! This goes to all bloggers, it is just proper etiquette to cite the source of your info. The trail of breadcrumbs I had to follow yesterday was ridiculous and plain rude to Jo and Kim. They scanned the picture, they started the story, they get credit. Style Dash, a professional blog with paid writers, has no excuse for their laziness in this. None. True, they weren’t the first to do this in this particular case, but it still doesn’t excuse their sloppiness, and seeing as they are “professional”, it just compounds their crime.

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