Great googily moogily! ENOUGH WITH THE iPHONE! I DON’T CARE ANYMORE! No more awkward television anchors trying to play with it. No more play-by-play videos of how it works. No more detailed shots of it from every conceivable angle. I don’t even need to see one taken apart, because I’ve seen that too! At the… read more

Been busy this week blogging all over the place, and I’m just bluntly not in the mood for it tonight.  The iPhone coverage is part of it.  I’m bored with the thing and I haven’t even touched one!… read more

In the same speech where Steve bestowed iPhone love on all the employees, it seems he also mentioned this little ditty: He then expanded upon OS X, and what it means for the business. There is one OS group that does Mac OS X for the Mac and the iPhone, as well as “some iPods… read more

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Steve Jobs, (you know, the man I would consider marrying so I could get an endless supply of Apple gadgetry?) just gave every Apple employee who has been with the company more than a year an iPhone. No word yet on who’s paying for the service plans, but still… wow. And they were all the… read more

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Oh hallelujah! I have been waiting for this day to come for ages! T-Mobile has finally launched HotSpot @Home. Why is this exciting? Oh, let me list the ways! For someone such as myself, I have next to no cell phone coverage in my house. I have to leave my phone on the front window… read more

I have been going back and forth on the Elizabeth Edwards Vs. Ann Coulter “fight” on Hardball from yesterday. (Video link, Transcript link… thanks to CJ for both) I discussed Ann’s original comments against John Edwards here, and I still stand by what I said about Ann the first time I wrote about her; Ann… read more

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Chipmunk… Prairie Dog… who cares, it’s still funny. I have a feeling this is the new version of “All Your Base Are Belong To Us“. Everyone will be whacky for it for a week or so, and then no one will even remember the joke. The original prairie dog video! Featuring… MORNING MUSUME!   Pervert… read more

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This is just getting insane. I got an email from Amazon today that their current price for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is now 49% off list price, making it $17.99. Okay, that’s not the insane part. They will also send you a $5 gift certificate in August, no sales tax, free shipping, and… read more

Yuck! So, as you all know, I’m dieting, but, dammit, I had a craving for ice cream! So I headed out last night around midnight, hunting for ice cream. I thought “Okay, I’ll be at least somewhat behaved, I’ll get sugar free!” So, I like Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks, it only made sense that I… read more


June 24 2007

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington, as I discussed the other day, just needs to keep his mouth shut. I swear he just keeps making it worse. He has given an exclusive interview to his hometown newspaper, The Houston Chronicle, wherein he whines some more. How he was betrayed by ABC, and what he said was taken out of… read more

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I think I have found my dream backup method… finally. Couple weeks ago, I heard about a backup service I was unfamiliar with named (link takes you to a free trial page). The basic premise is you download the software, tell it which files you want to backup by right-clicking them, and walk away.… read more

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Now it’s time for the armchair quarterbacking on the AFI top 100 list. Removed Film   What I Think Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner   A fairly important film in the history of race relations. Sad to see it go. A Place In The Sun   Eh. I think it was there for Elizabeth Taylor.… read more

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