June 1 2007

Follow-up To The LiveJournal Problem

As I reported yesterday, LiveJournal knee-jerked an caused a fair amount of ill-will. To their credit, they are now trying to fix it, but their latest update to the situation annoys me also. Here is the text of their latest update (emphasis theirs):

Hello again.

I want to update you on the status of correcting the issues that occurred earlier this week:

First, all journals and communities that were suspended that did not clearly violate community policies have been restored. Over the weekend and into the next couple of weeks we will be doing the following:

  1. We will contact each user whose journal was both suspended and then restored to explain how they were swept up in this and to work with them to avoid further difficulties. We expect that effort to start Monday and take several days.
  2. We will be compiling and reviewing the input we have received as comments, voicemails and faxes, that made suggestions about how we could improve our policies and procedures.
  3. Using this input as well as input from outside groups, such as the EFF, we will review and possibly redefine some of our policies.
  4. Then we will review the procedures we use to implement our policies and the standard communications we use in the implementation of those policies.
  5. We will also review all of our abuse procedures and standard communications to users to see if we can do a better job in dealing with abuse issues.

We’ve been getting your calls and faxes, reading comments and posts. While we can’t answer each one individually, we do hear you and your input will be taken into account during this process. Will everyone be happy? No. Do I think we can end up with better guidelines, procedures and processes? Yes.

As I said before, we have a lot of work to do. We are trying hard to keep LJ a community where free speech and the protection of children and victims and others can coexist. We appreciate your input in this process.

So, now that you’ve angered a large portion of your user base, NOW you decide to proceed in a cautious fashion? And you admit that some users who were suspended did not violate your Terms Of Service? Could you just please finally say “We knee-jerked, and we’re sorry?” Don’t beat around the bush, and don’t make it sound like you are now a group of cautious, thoughtful people, because you’re not.

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