June 3 2007

Sopranos Episode 85 – The Blue Comet


The next to last episode ever, and it was abso-freakin’-lutely brilliant. Everything we’ve waited for all these years is coming down.


This is going to be one of the longest weeks of my life…

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  • Tony A.

    It was back in 2000. My friend Ray said I should check out THE SOPRANOS on HBO. I dismissed it as fluff at the time, saying it was nowhere near as good as The Godfather flicks! In 2003 I caught a rerun of the pilot on HBO. Wow! What a show! The witty banter between Tony and Melfi. The gutter dialogue of Tony’s crew. The characters,the dialogue. Like Godfather meets Analyze This! I was hooked. My wife gave me Season One for Fathers Day and I have had a love affair with Tony and co. ever since. Now 2007 the show is going off the air for good. Sigh. What a run. People are going crazy wondering what will happen next! Kudos to Chase for creating the best mob show ever,period! Kudos to the actors,writers,and directors who gave us this mammoth epic. RIP Sopranos!

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