June 4 2007

Follow-up to Slingbox VS. MLB

The other day (second story) I discussed how Major League Baseball is angry with Sling Media for showing games out of market. Well, now it seems there is a follow-up to this. (and to give credit, the Wall Street Journal is the original source, but they charge to read.) It seems that other members of the MLB hierarchy are realizing that suing Sling Media may be a bad idea as it will anger the fans.

Gee… ya think? It is time these big conglomerates realize when a customer pays for something they have a right to enjoy it, for their personal use, in a manner of their choosing. If someone is paying for the baseball games and they have to be out of town, is MLB going to refund a portion of their subscription? No. Watching it on your laptop in a hotel room, it is still YOU enjoying it. You just aren’t in your house. What if you’re at your place of work, but in the same television market, what would be wrong with watching it via your Sling Box? Nothing.

Companies need to catch up with technology and realize the marketplace is a constantly changing beast in the 21st century.

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