June 6 2007

Buffy Season 8, Issue 4


Characters Seen:
Amy’s mom (illusion)
Ethan Rayne

Characters Mentioned:

We open with Warren torturing Willow and reminding her of how she tore his skin off. It seems Amy was following Willow, and when she saw his skin tear away, she cast a containment spell to keep him from going into shock. So, even though you can see all his insides, he is being held together by Amy’s spells, they act as his skin.

Dawn is pissed off she can’t follow Buffy to rescue Willow due to her size. At most, Buffy will be able to take one person, she asks Xander, but he passes, wanting her to take someone super powered with her.

Warren is mocking Willow, telling her the stronger she gets, the more her bonds will tighten. He begs her to go Dark Willow. Cutting back and forth between Willow and Buffy, Willow finds sanctuary inside herself with some magical creatures, Buffy picks a Japanese slayer named Satsu to go with her. Amy is telling the military guys she and Warren get to keep Willow, but when the gate opens, they are to fire a weapon at it immediately to kill Buffy.

Buffy and Satsu prep to go through the gate, Buffy is lecturing her on following her orders, asks if she has any lip gloss, and as Buffy continues her lecture, she notices the lip gloss tastes like cinnamon… hey… didn’t the “true love” kiss in issue #3 taste like cinnamon? hmmmmm

The spirits tell Willow her body is dying, she must do something to save herself, she says not to worry, Buffy will come.

The gate opens, the military guys fire their beam… Buffy figured as much, beam does no damage. Her witches return fire, devastating the military, Buffy and Satsu jump through, kicking ass. Buffy finds Willow, but Amy is guarding the door. Seems Willow is funneling some of her magic to Buffy, Buffy puts on a light show to distract Amy and makes her see an illusion of her mother, giving Satsu time to lob a grenade under Amy, knocking her out. Amy grabs Warren as she wakes up, teleports them out, Willow heals herself.

As they go to escape, Buffy spots a room numbered “30”. Remembering the three red x’s from her dream last issue with Ethan Rayne, she bursts in… and finds the general has shot Ethan in the head. Buffy tosses him around, spotting the symbol on his chest that she saw on the demons in issue #1. Basically it boils down to, by Buffy creating all these slayers, she upset the balance of good and evil. When she finishes off all the demons in the world, will the demonic part of her take over and make her take out humanity?

Not sure where this is going exactly, but I’m liking it so far. I do think making the slayer who kissed Buffy Japanese was a bit obvious though.

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