June 7 2007

I don’t want to write this entry… but I must.

Fine, I have only mentioned the idiot’s… celebutante’s name once before, and it was only in passing, but Paris Hilton just needs to be shoved in a hole and forgotten. She went three days in jail… oh, excuse me… five days according to the sheriff’s department. How did they come up with five days served? She checked in at 11:15 PM Sunday… that counts as a day. She left at 2:00 AM this morning… that counts as a day.

My head hurts at the math.

Anyhow… why was she released? Well, two stories are out there. Story #1 is she was near a mental breakdown. Story #2 is she had a rash.

Again… my head hurts.

There really are no adequate words to express just how much I dislike this woman and all she represents. And this latest stunt is just the topper. How many people have gone into jail over the years, had mental problems, and stayed there for days, weeks, months, and even years? Too many to count. However, if your name is Paris Hilton, apparently you get to change your sentence mid-stream and switch over to house arrest.

As I was prepping to write this, it was announced she has to go to court tomorrow as the following story mentions there are problems:

Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer issued his order after the city attorney filed a petition late Thursday afternoon questioning if Sheriff Lee Baca should be held in contempt of court for releasing Hilton Thursday morning.

Gee… ya think? This needs to be investigated, and quit frankly, I would like to see the Sheriff ousted. This is just silly to the nth degree. She was in jail, and I don’t care how uncomfortabe she was… you stay!

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General Rants


  • This issue is slightly more complex than it appears. On the one hand, you shouldn’t be able to worm your way out of a prison sentence because you’re rich and famous. On the other hand, prison is supposed to be both justly punitive and have a deterrent effect when it comes to future crimes. I’m pretty sure that stupid cow is pretty deterred by now. The issue is how much punishment she deserves for the crime she committed and whether or not someone with a similar history of criminal behavior would receive a lighter or harsher sentence than her.

    I don’t know what the average punishment is for someone who violated probation for a first offense reckless driving (related to alcohol consumption). I’m not sure someone else wouldn’t have gotten house arrest. I’m also not sure someone else wouldn’t have served the full term in jail.

    I do know I dislike her as much as you and the uglier part of my personality would love nothing more than to see her rot in jail for 45 days but the fairer part wonders if she isn’t really being treated differently than anyone else in terms of this early release. I think we have to try and set aside our desires to see this spoiled stupid rich person get her comeuppance and look at what is just.