June 9 2007


Could someone please explain to me the allure of Crocs?


The first person I remember seeing them on was celebrity chef, Mario Batali. Now these things seem to be popping up everywhere and, quite frankly, they’re ugly as sin. They are cheap plastic, look uncomfortable, and are just generally unappealing.

If someone wants to wear them, fine, but as I see more and more popping up when I’m out and about, I just have to ask myself… “Why? Why would someone wear these things?”

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  • chele

    Yeah and at Disney they sell them with little plastic $3.50 charms

    NO JOKE!!!

  • Tammy

    I know they are ugly as sin, but the darn things are comfortable.. Have you tried a pair on? They do have many different styles and many with “normal” colors. I personally own two pair of them. I will admit they are worn mainly as my comfy kick around shoes, not the out about town things.

  • Crocs’ proprietary closed-cell resin, called Croslite, enables them to produce a soft and lightweight, non-marking, slip and odor-resistant shoe that are popular with all ages & genders. They have also entered into licensing deals with NASCAR, the NFL, Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel & various Universities. At a mere $30 a pair, many people buy several pairs to fit their mood (they are now selling 5 million pairs a month). Interestingly, Crocs’ “Croslite” technology is not patented, but instead is a trade-secret. The reason they didn’t get a patent is so they wouldn’t have to make public, and this share the magic formula and manufacturing process with imitators…much like the recipe for Coke (very smart in my view). People who spend a lot of time on their feet like kitchen staff & nurses live in these things. Kids beg parents to customize their shoes with little $2.50 charms called Jibbitz (Crocs bought this hugely profitable accessory company last year).

    Have a lot more on my blog if interested.

  • Roy

    OK yeah, but they’re still hideous..

  • Yeah, going to have to stick with Roy on this one (god help me). No matter how comfortable they are… still ugly as sin.

  • Nik

    Totally ugly. And though I haven’t tried them on I’m sure there are two things I’d HATE about them.

    1 – They have holes. My feet will be cold. Trust me, I know. I like shoes fully enclosed. I only have one pair of flip flops that I wear very rarely.

    2 – They look insanely wide and I have very small, very narrow feet. I bet I can’t find a pair that are as “comfortable” as they are supposed to be.

    Plus, they are so ugly. They are the summertime Ugs. I don’t get “trendy”. This is one of those things that people will look back upon and wonder what they were thinking. And if they are so comfy, why not make more stylish looking shoes?

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