June 10 2007

Sopranos Episode 86 – Made In America

It all started on January 10, 1999, and it finished on June 10, 2007. Eight years, 86 episodes.

There were times that people said the show had lost it’s edge. I say those people didn’t fully understand this wasn’t “a mob show”, it was “a human condition show set against the back drop of the mafia”. It was never meant to be all mafia, all the time. It was about Tony Soprano juggling his everyday life, his family vs. “the family”, how they conflicted, meshed, and collided.

And now… now it’s over. I won’t ruin how it concluded, but I’ll say that NO ONE saw it coming… no one. It was either David Chase, the creator, being a genius, or he intentionally just wanted to play with us. My gut tells me he just wanted to give us an ending that didn’t leave much opening for things to come after this, but he sure dropped some hints to possible prequels. He has been quoted as saying there may be a movie focusing on Tony’s grandparents coming to America, but there sure were hints to a prequel focusing on his father and uncle in the 1950’s.

Anyway you slice it, one of the greatest TV show to ever grace our screen has come and gone. We’ll miss you Tony.

Tony Soprano

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June 12 2007

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