June 12 2007

Back To The Sopranos

I’m going to cut this for those who haven’t watched it yet.

Quit your whining! Yes, it cut to black in the middle of a scene, but think about it for two seconds!

If David Chase had killed Tony, people would have screamed.

If David Chase had let Tony live, people would have asked how the evil man lived.

If David Chase had sent Tony to prison, people would have cried about their anti-hero losing.

And so on, and so forth. There was NO WINNING for Chase… none!

So, keeping with what people know of Sopranos, Chase broke some of the rules of storytelling, something he has done a million other times. He left you with an ending that let you choose how it happened.

Did the guy come of the bathroom shooting? Did the guy in the corner pop him? Did the two young kids come to shoot him? Did Meadow come in, and they had a nice family dinner? We’ll never know, and I, for one, call it “genius”. He was in a no-win situation, there was no way for him to write an ending to satisfy the masses, so we all got the ending we personally wanted, it was just in our heads.

And you know what? As someone who writes, as someone who hates Hollywood for their lackluster stories, as someone who cries for smarter, more original fare… now I know why we don’t get it. Everyone wants a tidy, neat little package, you didn’t get it, you whine. Even television critics, people paid to expect more from the medium, are saying they don’t get it! What is there not to get?!?

For two days this has been going on, it’s dominating every conversation I have, it’s on every website I go to… ENOUGH ALREADY! USE YOUR FLIPPIN’ IMAGINATIONS! This was a work of balls and genius, and I applaud him for it. Is it what I expected? No.

And that’s what makes it so amazing to me.

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