June 15 2007

Bob Barker

Today was Bob Barker’s last official day as the host of The Price Is Right. The reason I say it that way is that since they have not yet found a replacement for him, he has said he may come back to guest host while they continue their search.

That aside, you would think with a 35 year history, they might have acknowledged it a little bit more in the episode other than screaming at the beginning an Bob thanking everyone for inviting him into their living rooms. I mean, yes, I know this is just a game show, but considering he has been hosting since I was a year old, this is like a member of the family leaving. Bob has always been there as far as my memory goes. And, that aside, a 35 year career on the same show is pretty monumental.

I guess I just expected a bit more acknowledgment of the event, but nope, pretty much the same old thing. Oh, there was the added bonus that all the contestants had been lined up for days to get in. I bet that was one sweet smelling audience.

Bye-bye Bob, I’ll miss you, apparently CBS… not so much.

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