June 18 2007

What I’m Watching This Summer

All the bloggers over on TV Squad have been doing this, so I thought I would steal borrow their idea for my own entry.

Big Love – Yes, a show about polygamy. Not something I ever thought I would be watching, but I actually enjoy it. Well scripted, but it’s the acting that pulls me back to this one. Bill Paxton is displaying some chops he never has before.

Entourage – This show gets a lot of attention for Jeremy Piven’s turn as Ari Gold, but it is not just him that keeps me tuning in each week. Excellent mix of drama and comedy, outstanding performances by the entire cast, well worth 30 minutes a week.

Hell’s Kitchen – What can I say? I love Gordon Ramsay. It’s the same each season, but it’s him that keeps bringing me back.

Ice Road Truckers – An obvious attempt to cash in on the success of The Deadliest Catch (another show I love), and a very odd fit for The History Channel, I’m still watching. For those of you who don’t know, it’s about semi drivers who, for two months a year, drive across frozen lakes to deliver supplies to mining camps in the Arctic Circle. Crazy dangerous, but it pays accordingly.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List – Yeah… her humor isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy it.

Rescue Me – Now it’s fourth season, it never ceases to amaze me what Denis Leary had inside of him, waiting to get out. He has created one of the most fascinating anti-heroes ever in the role of Tommy Gavin. Tommy is a tortured soul who wrestles with his inner demons daily, while there is a good man locked inside of him, trying desperately to get out. Every time he emerges, some outside force helps the demons resurface, and the cycle starts anew, but with a smarter Tommy, who won’t fall to the same tricks twice. Just a truly amazing show.

Top Chef – No, I do not know what is with me and cooking reality shows. I just like this one a lot as you get to watch the chefs get REALLY snotty with each other. I can’t help it… I like watching people make asses out of themselves for no good reason.

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