June 19 2007

Oh, please don’t…

Okay, The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, is still filming. The Joker got me interested, and then… some more pictures surfaced.

First up, we have the new Batsuit (click any of these images for a MUCH larger version)

I like it, it’s a bit more practical; he can finally turn his head and it seems more like true armor.

But… then pictures of this… thing… showed up.

And a clearer shot

Batman has always had his “toys”, but, this thing just screams “The marketing department called, they want a motorcycle type vehicle in the product line… here’s the prototype for it… fit this in somewhere.” The rumor (not a spoiler, but a rumor) is the Tumbler (the name for the Batmobile in the last movie) gets destroyed at some point and this is either an escape vehicle, or he just uses it while he is sans-Tumbler.

What I liked about the first movie was it seemed a bit more “real world” than the usual super-hero film. Yes, it had its silly moments (Tumbler driving on roofs), but overall, it seemed a bit more real. And this movie had that same vibe up until the “Batpod”… ugh. Even the name screams “marketing department”. “The kids… they love their iPods… Batman needs a Batpod… slap that name on sumthin’!”

And excuse me, but, didn’t the last series of movies also destroy the Batmobile in… the second movie? Yeah… suddenly, my stomach is sinking.

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