June 20 2007

Idiots in the media

It seems you can’t swing a bat anymore without hitting some moron enjoying their fifteen minuted of undeserved fame. Course, the hit to the head with the bat might explain some of their behavior… my bad.

First up, Larry Seidlin, the crying judge of the Anna Nicole Smith custody trial, announced he was stepping down from the bench. Good. He was a sad example of the United States of America’s judicial system in the twenty-first century. If he hadn’t stepped down, I would hope his competency would have been called into question.

But, no no no, never fear, he stepped down for “many opportunities that have been offered to [him] outside the judicial system and [I] have disregarded until now.” You mean, like filming a test pilot for your own television show over July 2nd & 3rd? Yes folks, his sad little antics paid off. I, for one, will never give this man’s “show” a moment of my time. He’s a disgrace.


Then you have Isaiah Washington claiming his release from Grey’s Anatomy was fueled due to the media, and makes him like Malcom X or Paul Robeson.

“This happened to Malcolm X, this happened to Paul Robeson — this misconception can happen to any man of power that loves himself and wants to spread that love and that humanity throughout the world.”

Um… wow. So, you calling someone a derogatory term, on multiple occasions, didn’t factor in? The fact you were a negative force in a popular show, and you were compounding your situation with stupid comments such as this… none of that factored in? Or, perhaps your enormous ego? Because, I mean, really, a “man of power”? Power over what? Your ability to get yourself fired for being an ass?

My FAVORITE part though?

He maintains the controversy has fueled misconceptions about him, with many forgetting the good work he does for African charities.

Oh yes, that absolves you of being homophobic. “It’s okay everyone, Isaiah can say anything he wants, he’s worked on charities!” Man, is that all it takes? “Well, I know I called you a nasty racial slur, but… I’ve worked on charities!”


*bangs his head on his keyboard*

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