June 22 2007

Follow-up thoughts to the AFI list

Now it’s time for the armchair quarterbacking on the AFI top 100 list.

Removed Film


What I Think

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner   A fairly important film in the history of race relations. Sad to see it go.
A Place In The Sun   Eh. I think it was there for Elizabeth Taylor.
My Fair Lady   I think this was a sentimental addition the first time anyway.
The Jazz Singer   WRONG! The first talkie, and it’s not important?!?
Patton   Good film, what importance?
Frankenstein   Important to the horror genre, but one of the 100 best? I would have liked it to stay, but oh well.
Mutiny On The Bounty   Damned good film, sorry to see it go.
Fargo   One of my all time favorite films, it felt like it fit.
Giant   Ouch… sorry to see James Dean go. Never mind the Oscars and Liz Taylor.
Dances With Wolves   Good riddance.
Wuthering Heights   Never seen it.
An American In Paris   I enjoyed it, but there are better examples of the genre and style.
The Manchurian Candidate   Not sure why it was even there. Yes, maybe the politics, but I did find the acting lacking.
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind   Speilberg had enough on the list.
Stagecoach   Eh. Not a big loss. BetterWester
Rebel Without A Cause   Ouch. Is the epitome of teenage angst and set the standard. Fascinating, mesmerizing, stunning… I could go on and on.
Fantasia   Hmmm not sure about this one. Snow White stayed at least.
All Quiet On The Western Front   Didn’t deserve to be there, I feel.
Amadeus   I love the movie, but, yeah, it could come off.
From Here To Eternity   Yeah, it should have stayed. Most iconic cinematic kiss in film history, many have tried to copy, all have failed.
The Birth Of A Nation   Still not seen it, can’t really say either way.
Doctor Zhivago   Wow… not sure why this one got knocked off. I’m at a loss.

Some of the removals made sense, but other’s, like Rebel Without A Cause, are lost on me.

Added Film


What I Think

Toy Story   Begrudgingly, but I can see why as it really started the fully computer animated film genre.
Blade Runner   YES! This deserves to be on the list for setting a standard.
Do The Right Thing   Not seen it yet.
The Last Picture Show   mmm I’m going to say “Yes”. Launched many careers, pretty much launched the modern day, small town stories.
Sophie’s Choice   Not seen.
Swing Time   Not seen.
The Sixth Sense   Well, since I seem to be one of the few people to hate it, I guess.
12 Angry Men   Again, great film, but was it influential enough?
A Night At The Opera   With Duck Soup on the list, I’m not sure this one was needed.
Titanic   We lose Rebel Without A Cause, but this piece of crap gets added?
Sunrise   Not seen.
Spartacus   So often referenced, it fits.
All The President’s Men   Yes. It set a new standard for thrillers.
In The Heat Of The Night   Yes. I guess this replaces Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Still, would have been nice to see “Guess” stay.
The Shawshank Redemption   Hmmm I love it, but…
Saving Private Ryan   It seems Speilberg’s home movies will be on the next revision.
Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?   Not seen.
Cabaret   Yes. It showed musicals can be more than sap.
Sullivan’s Travels   Not seen.
Nashville   Not seen.
The Lord Of The Rings:The Fellowship Of The Ring   Nope. Not deserving. Not even close.
Intolerance   Not seen.
The General   hmmm I love Buster Keaton, but with three Chaplin films on the list, it seems a bit crowded with four silent comedies.

For all it’s faults, I think the new list makes a bit more sense. It seems a tad more focused, a LITTLE less “Oh, I remember that movie!”, and more about impact.

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