June 24 2007

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington, as I discussed the other day, just needs to keep his mouth shut. I swear he just keeps making it worse.

He has given an exclusive interview to his hometown newspaper, The Houston Chronicle, wherein he whines some more. How he was betrayed by ABC, and what he said was taken out of context, and he how T.R. Knight was the one to make the uneasy work environment.


You mean you didn’t get physical with Patrick Dempsey back in October? That didn’t cause a nasty work environment? No, it was Knight being offended by your use of a homophobic slur. And he keeps going around saying this same, now tired, sound bite.


All you are doing is making yourself look like a bigger ass. Non-stop whining, threats of lawsuits, you are just making yourself look, quite frankly, unbalanced.

And, again, I have to wonder what would be going on if someone had made a racial slut against Washington? He seems obsessed with “Yes, I said this, but it doesn’t matter.” You know, I might have given you a pass if you hadn’t repeated it at the Golden Globes you idiot.

I just want him to go away. This has reached the point of absurd.

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