June 26 2007

The Harry Potter Pricing War

This is just getting insane.

I got an email from Amazon today that their current price for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is now 49% off list price, making it $17.99. Okay, that’s not the insane part. They will also send you a $5 gift certificate in August, no sales tax, free shipping, and they are guaranteeing day of release delivery. I ordered mine today.

Screw waiting in line at midnight at Hastings for it. Never mind that Hastings is at $20.99, and will be charging sales tax. Barnes & Noble is at $20.99, unless you belong to their discount club, then it’s $18.99. I don’t know any other online book sellers, but obviously Amazon has the best pricing and deal. Is it any surprise Jeff Bezos has said that Amazon won’t profit from the seventh book?

And the sad thing? I’m just glad the series is almost over. I think I’ve just about had my fill of Harry Potter.

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  • Jo

    I signed up with our local B&N a couple months ago to reserve my copy of the book. I refuse to stand in line — ah, well, a Star Trek premire comes to mind – okay I don’t stand in line for a book :D

  • Roy

    Smart move by Amazon. Most people never buy just one book, they browse around to see if there’s anything else they “need”