June 28 2007

Oh, to work at Apple today

Steve Jobs, (you know, the man I would consider marrying so I could get an endless supply of Apple gadgetry?) just gave every Apple employee who has been with the company more than a year an iPhone. No word yet on who’s paying for the service plans, but still… wow. And they were all the $600, 8gb versions.

I know everyone is getting caught up in iPhone hype (I’m looking at you Jo), and yes, I know how excited I was the day the details were announced, but then realities set in; it’s far from perfect. It’s using a slower data connection, the OS takes up 770mb of the fairly small memory, the data plans will kill you… it IS flawed.

Also, remember this is a gen 1 device. Think back to the gen 1 iPods… now think of the gen 5.5 iPods (and who knows what gen 6 will be), it’s like comparing night and day. So, yes, the iPhone is exciting, but I’m not sure I would run out for a gen 1.

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