Well, I can’t copy exactly what I said, but check out this entry and this entry on for all the details. Rumors are abounding, but Apple has announced one of their big press events for August 7th. This always means new products, but it seems it will be Mac centric and this means the… read more

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July 30 2007

Sweeney Todd

Director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp are once again teaming up on screen. I know, you’re all shocked, this only makes the sixth time by my count. This time it’s the musical, Sweeney Todd. Yes, you read that correctly… it’s a musical. So far, this poster is the only image that’s been released, (click… read more

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I love my Thunderbird mail client, it’s actually the first mail client I’ve even LIKED let alone loved. Now it seems that Mozilla, the same group that develops Firefox, is looking to dump Thunderbird, and the mail client’s future is uncertain at best. According to this blog post, and several that follow it, Mozilla is… read more

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Didn’t The Da Vinci Code already play the subject of hidden messages in The Last Supper to death? According to this story, an information technologist and amateur scholar, named Slavisa Pesci, somehow got the idea to place a reversed copy of the image over the regular copy and wackiness ensued! Okay, on the left side,… read more

***MAJOR SPOILERS***… read more

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Well… now I work for two more parts of the family of blogs. Yes Luis, Shari, and Roy… I now write Apple related news… try not to pass out. So, yes, all part of the same family, but I am now eligible for working on all three of the sites. This little “side project”… read more

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Well, I can dovetail from one of my paid pieces today in to my own blog with this story. MySpace has booted 29,000 registered sex offenders off their site, this accounts for approx .o16% of the 180,000,000 million registered accounts with the social networking giant. Well… that’s still too many for Connecticut Attorney General Richard… read more

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Okay, maybe not good things, but things still end. CBS has yanked the craptastic Pirate Master with five episodes unaired. The remaining episodes will be burned off on the CBS website over the next five Tuesdays. I talked about this suck-fest when it first aired, and I did catch it here and there afterwards; it… read more

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Tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman, Drew Carey is going to announce there he is going to take over the hosting duties on The Price Is Right. While I have had mixed feelings about the show continuing without Bob Barker, I really, REALLY like this choice. Drew is personable, not afraid to mock… read more


July 23 2007

RSS Revisited

Almost two weeks ago I asked RSS – Is it for me?, and now I’m back with an answer… It is. I have NO clue why I didn’t see how much it would speed up my life. Add in that since that time I landed two more writing jobs, I have next to no time… read more

You know, I give up. Back in March I mentioned that barring any major changes, I would be taking a vacation in October. In May I updated you that it was up in the air. Well, it’s dead sadly. (to those who know more about where I was going and doing, it was truly unavoidable,… read more

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is finally out, and all I can say is “Thank goodness.” Like Shari, J.K. Rowling’s non-stop harping about the release date, and no spoilers, really turned me off from caring about this installment. I got my copy today, and it also carried the stupid notice about not opening until… read more

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