July 1 2007

Excuse me?

Perverted Justice is an organization of individuals trained in how to lure online predators into revealing themselves. They have over 200 convictions to their credit. They have worked with many law enforcement agencies all around the country in getting successful prosecutions, and, yes, some of them have been filmed by Dateline NBC.

That was until they went to Murphy, Texas.

In another of Dateline NBC’s endless “To Catch A Predator” specials, they had contracted with the City Manager of Murphy to allow them to run a sting operation in the city. As always, Perverted Justice would lure the pedophiles to the house with their trained staff, and the police would scoop them up after they were confronted in the house by Chris Hansen. It has turned in to a major fiasco.

One of the twenty five men targeted was the District Attorney of a neighboring city. When the police arrived, he took his own life. His sister said of the incident:

His sister, Patricia Conradt, told the City Council that police acted as “a judge, jury and executioner that was encouraged by an out-of-control reality show.”

The City Manager has now had his contract bought out by the city council, the prosecuting attorney has dropped all charges for various reasons, and town residents are complaining how this shouldn’t have been done in a populated area.

Who are these poeple?

Seriously, who are they? You had at least twenty five sexual predators in your general vicinity, and you’re going to be pissy about them being captured? You can see a list of who was arrested that day, and some of the evidence, here. And you can see the ongoing fight they are now having with the DA here.

So sexual predators are all around you, a group works with the police to bring them in, and, yes, it gets filmed, and you have no problem with them being released because someone dared to film it? I am truly lost in all of this.

Sexual predators off the street = good

Sexual predators off the street, but filmed by a camera crew = bad

What? I am truly at a loss trying to understand these people’s reasoning. I could care less how the predators are taken off the streets so long as it happens. Were they worried about their town’s image? And as for the sister of the DA took his life… “police acted as “a judge, jury and executioner that was encouraged by an out-of-control reality show.””… um… no. Your brother broke the law, the police carried out their duty, your brother opted to shoot himself. Sorry if I sound cold, but I have no tolerance for child predators… none.

So, the city of Murphy, TX can really just shut up as far as I’m concerned. Perverted Justice is doing good work all over this country, and yet, in your town, they aren’t good enough for you. Whatever. Enjoy protecting your predators.

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