July 2 2007

I don’t even remember how I happened upon, but I am so glad I did. I think it was during one of my umpteen searches on a way to back up my massive MP3 collections (23,000+ songs right now), it always makes me nervous I am going to lost them somehow. I have them backed up on to two external drives, but, still, you just never know what might happen.

Well, LaLa isn’t exactly a backup, though some call it such. The site actually serves multiple purposes.

  1. When you sign up, LaLa will search your music files and allow you to store up to 5,000 of them on the site. The drawback is the site picks the files, and how it does such doesn’t really make any sense, but oh well, 5,000 songs are backed up.
  2. The songs you have uploaded can be listened to on any computer by simply logging into LaLa and installing a very small player on that computer. You can then listen to your music collection anywhere you wish, and the quality is surprisingly high.
  3. You can also sync your iPod from LaLa so you could swap out songs on your iPod from any computer, not just where you have iTunes installed.
  4. Trading CDs with other members. You post what CDs you have, a member says I want it, you ship it out in LaLa’s prepaid envolopes. The recipiant pays a $1 per CD plus shipping which all told comes to about $2.00.

I just posted my first two CDs for trade, and it just so happened someone was waiting for those titles (The Donnas and The Donnas Turn 21) and I will be shipping them out ASAP. As soon as they receive them, I will be allowed to receive two myself. Although, to be quite honest, I have no idea what I want!

So, thus far I have not found any drawbacks to the system. It’s all free for use except for the trades, all the other features cost nothing. I have no plans to sync my iPod with it, but I am enjoying listening to The Brian Setzer Orchestra right now on my laptop which I store no music files on!

If you love music, it’s well worth checking out, you have nothing to lose!

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