July 5 2007

There’s a new dance craze sweeping the nation!

Oh, this story is a killer. If states want to pass laws saying that all their local government buildings must use American flags made in America, fine, knock yourselves out. But, there are two problems with the rest of the story.

First off, we joined the World Trade Organization. As the story states, under those terms, we can not treat foreign made goods less favorably. Love or hate the WTO, I do not believe we should break agreements we made. That’s just me though. This could lead to much larger problems if any other member was to challange us.

Second is the Minnesota law specifically.

Minnesota has passed the strongest measure, a new law that goes into effect at year’s end requiring every Old Glory sold in state stores to be domestically produced. Violations are a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail.

… jail time? You’re kidding me, right? JAIL TIME?!? Did we suddenly have an explosion of new jails I am unaware of, and we no longer have an over-crowding problem in our penal system? And can’t you just picture that first day conversation?

Inmate #1 “What you in for?”
Inmate #2 “Murder one. You?”
Inmate #1 “Selling an American flag made in China.”
Inmate #2 *scoots as far away as possible* “You can have any bunk you want, man!”

Seriously… jail time… for selling an American flag… does anyone see the hypocrisy here, or is that just me?

Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of LIKE the idea of foreign made flags. Think about it, someone working away in some foreign factory, spending each day assembling the symbol of our country, to me it’s like a silent ambassador.

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