July 7 2007

3 Ways To Get Me To Not Visit Your Blog Again

As part of Daily Blog Tips Blog Project:Three contest, I thought I would give a short list, three items to be precise, of ways to get me to not want to return to your blog. Consider these helpful hints to keep your most precious commodity, your loyal readers, coming back.

1. In-Text Advertising – There is nothing I hate more than seeing those infernal double lines under random words in a blog post. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with monetizing your blog, I do it myself, but I think anything that pops up and obstructs your view of the actual post is a bad idea. I have never once clicked on one of those ads, and I never will. Your content is king; an ad popping up and covering your content makes no sense.

(PLEASE NOTE:This is a static image put here as an example, it is NOT an actual in-text ad) 
2. Navigation – Does your navigation make sense? Is there an easy flow? Do you break in the middle of stories for advertisements? Do you hide two sentances behind a “more” command?I chose my current theme for the compartmentalized nature it offered. The left column is for site business, the middle for the entries, and the right column for ads and random nonsense. I try to keep my cuts to a minimum, and also make sure there is an easy flow nature to everything I do. Don’t make the reader hunt through your million ads for your content.

3. Frequency of updates – If you don’t update frequently, why should I bother coming back to check? If you can’t take the time to make an update, why should I continue checking for one?

Just a few tips to make sure your readers have an easy, and pleasant, time reading your blog.

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