July 7 2007

Live Earth Commercial

Watching Live Earth on Bravo, and one of the commercials caught my attention. Holly Hunter was sitting there playing with an iPod and the message was if you purchase your music as a digital download, you save energy and pollution as there’s no transporting the music to the stores.

Well, yes, that’s true. I am all for as much of a green existence as possible, such as using CFL light bulbs, but this commercial just seemed oddly out of place to me. While most of them have been about recycling, did no one consider the economic impact of this line of thought? Yes, less pollution, but… less CD manufacturing, less hours for truckers, lower sales for the retailers… it just seemed very out of place with the other tips they’ve sprinkled through out this broadcast. The music industry is “struggling” (it’s open to interpretation), and now people are saying the solution is essentially to put music stores out of business?

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