July 7 2007

Live Earth Commercial

Watching Live Earth on Bravo, and one of the commercials caught my attention. Holly Hunter was sitting there playing with an iPod and the message was if you purchase your music as a digital download, you save energy and pollution as there’s no transporting the music to the stores.

Well, yes, that’s true. I am all for as much of a green existence as possible, such as using CFL light bulbs, but this commercial just seemed oddly out of place to me. While most of them have been about recycling, did no one consider the economic impact of this line of thought? Yes, less pollution, but… less CD manufacturing, less hours for truckers, lower sales for the retailers… it just seemed very out of place with the other tips they’ve sprinkled through out this broadcast. The music industry is “struggling” (it’s open to interpretation), and now people are saying the solution is essentially to put music stores out of business?

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  • chele

    I can’t disagree totally with your point here however I must say the world adapts. Record stores go under and the jobs are replaced with new jobs. Jobs that move forward and are not playing catch up as the world crumbles under us.

    As you mentioned jobs creating new lightbulbs one hopes went to people who created the old lighhtbulbs.

    I saw Sicko this weekend and saying that the insurance industry shouldn’t be revamped because jobs would be lost would be similar to the idea of the loss of jobs to truckers and plastic makers.

    Packaging is one of the biggest wastes in this country. Yes, my new Batwoman action figure looks great in it’s 52 cardboard packaging and Yes, I will keep it in it’s packing as it hangs in my room BUT it would be a better world if all those printers and advertising folks could figure ways that were more eco friendly.

    For instance does a basketball have to come in a box. Can’t it just be sold as a ball?

    If the country could move towards creating jobs for the next decade and not be playing catch up we all might be a little better off.

    I wish they would come up with more ways like digital downloads to make this world a little less scary when it comes to the destruction we have caused against mother nature.

    hope all is well for you

  • I totally agree that companies need to update for the 21st century, but with digital downloads, it will be thousands of jobs. There will be only a handful of companies selling them due to the initial start up costs, technology, and the negotiations with the record companies. I am all for a greener world, and I am sure this has a lot to do with me being a retailer.

    I totally agree on excessive packaging though. Remember the original days of CDs with those HUGE cardboard packages? Egads! And yes, boxes on basketballs… no freakin’ sense!

    All is well, just busy as always!

  • chele

    Too busy I am sure.

    Okay – this is a fun convo:

    What about the packaging that still comes with DVD’s. There is no reason the boxes have to be the size of books. We know why they are but still theyh could be CD sized.

    As for digital downloads… I do wonder if the thousands of jobs won’t once again be filtered into other avenues.

    Besides I certainly remember buying audio cassette’s for $8-$10 a pop. Those cassette’s, I assume, took as long to copy as they did to play and with the advent of home computer CD burning I think we all know that CD’s should be F-ing CHEAPER then an audio cassete.

    Instead the industry thought it best to have it expensive when the new technology was introduced but never once REDUCED the cost when it caught on. They saw the profit. And so they screwed the consumer.

    When the music became some science project of commerse over art and the profits started to dip they blamed Napster and the like. Bottomline is – I used to by CD’s much more often because in my opinion music used to be better. Not some hook song by a gal dressed like a hooker who can’t really sing.

    Look at all the drama over the new Clarkson cd which personally I think is her best album yet. But since it doesn’t have the radio hook it’s a flop???

    With everything so expensive these days from gas prices to fruit at the market. I applaud the move to digit if only to trim the fat.

    Should the trim from the top and teach the folks in printing and trucking a skill that might help help move forward – YES

    But they won’t and for that I blame the industry not the technology.

    In honor of my new Wii system – I volley back to you

  • Chele – Oddly, there was a time they tested DVD packaging just using CD cases, I have a few movies that way (The Fifth Element, The Paper), I’m not sure why it failed.

    Cassette tapes were done at high speed, usually half the time of play back or less. You are 100% correct though, CDs SHOULD be cheaper than tapes were, it makes no sense.

    You hit the nail on the head; quality is the death of music, not piracy. Music has become a bizarre alchemy experiment and it is written by committee, not the artists. This IS Kelly Clarkson’s best album because she didn’t allow that to happen, and they are trying to beat her down for it.

    I actually am for moving to digital downloads, but the RIAA is going to have pull their fingers out of it and give up the dream of DRM. I will not buy a song that is locked to one player or company. Yes, there are ways around it, but that’s not the point.

    Things will change, I just think it’s too soon to call it for a complete switch over.