July 10 2007

The RIAA From Another Angle

I often rail against the RIAA for their gestapo-style tactics against so called “pirates” (you know… like suing people who don’t even own a computer and then trying to gain illegal access to her child), but they also take out their stupidity on their supposed “friends”.

A while back I wrote about how they wanted to up the royalties for terrestrial radio, well, now they want more money out of XM and Sirius satellite radio if they are to merge. The reasoning is that both companies have invested in technologies that would allow people to record specific songs from their broadcasts. With this in mind, the RIAA feels they should have to pay both performance and distribution royalties as they will become like digital download companies.

Well, there’s a couple of problems with this reasoning (surprise, surprise).

– The companies INVESTED… not released, INVESTED. Nothing may ever come of it, so they are being penalized for merely pondering something?

– Did the RIAA ever collect royalties from radio station for people at home recording music from over the air? Nope.

– Does the RIAA forget that people get exposed to new music via air play? Are they trying to kill off radio completely?

I swear, they will soon just come door-to-door and go “Give us money… because we exist”. I am so flabbergasted by this group time, and time again. Is there no one to finally say “ENOUGH! You have enough damned money!”?

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