July 11 2007

Unbloated PCs

I got an email today from Dell about their new small business line, Vostro. Not quite sure what the name has to do with anything, but I don’t rightly care.

The whole point of the new line is to be geared to the small business, and in doing so, they have made two very tasty offers.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on hardware purchases.
If you’re not satisfied with your system within 30 days, just return it to Dell with no restocking or shipping fees.

I would need to see this in action to believe it, but I love the idea.

No Trialware.
Vostro systems come without annoying trialware, so you only get the software you want.

OH THANK GOD! For those unfamiliar with it, “trialware” is all that annoying software that comes on your PC when you purchase it . They try to suck you in with their tasty “30 Day Free Trials!” that you always forget to cancel and end up giving them some money for. I despise trialware, and this alone would make me consider going with the, oddly named, Vostro line.

Two lessons here for the world:

  1. To all other PC Makers – Cut out the trialware and I’ll consider you again.
  2. Apple – Come out with something between the iMac and Mac Pro. Small businesses would use you more if we didn’t get a stunted version of your system, or have to go all out for a monster.

This is a good day for PC users, hopefully we will see more of this happening.

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  • I really want something between the iMac and Mac Pro as well. I’m extremely irritated that it’s low or high or nothing and it has kept me from buying Macs as frequently as I used to. I think Apple feels it’s more profitable to force people into the high end since Mac users are notoriously loyal and predictably skittish about Windows. Many Mac users have bought into the idea that PCs are very hard to use compared to Macs and are afraid to switch.

    For business users, it’s my guess a lack of a mid-range line pushes them to buy more expensive high end models sicne the low end models won’t cut it.

  • Shari – You hit the nail on the head. The iMac is just not right for our demands at work, and the Mac Pro is overkill, not to mention expensive. There needs to be a mid-range for corporate, every day use. If they ever came up with that, I think you would see a significant rise in their market share.