July 14 2007

RSS – Is it for me?

Roy recently wrote a piece about cleaning up his RSS feeds that got me to finally add Feedburner to run my own RSS feed. When you add in what I wrote in my blog contest entry about sparsely updated blogs, it got me to finally get off my butt and start adding the blogs I read to Google Reader.

I’m not entirely sure I like this.

I always understood the concept of RSS, and how it works, and, in theory, it’s a great idea. I do have a few nitpicks though:

  1. Most bloggers work very hard on the look and feel of their blogs, this really minimizes the importance of the actual blog. So is all that work for naught? Does how your site looks even matter anymore? I *like* going to a blog and appreciating the work that has gone in to them.
  2. Yes, it is nice to go just one place and see everything at a glance, but part of the fun of blogs for me is the surprise. Did they update? What magical treat is waiting for me when I click on those familiar links? Now it’s all just in one place and that doesn’t feel natural to me for some reason.

I know I am always singing the praises of technology, but I just don’t know if RSS is for me or not.

Anyone have thoughts to add on this?

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