July 15 2007

Uniden Cordless Phones

Uniden TRU8866 Over the years, I have had more cordless phones for my landlines than I care to remember. A few years ago I got all excited by the idea of cordless phone bases with an expandable number of handsets. The first one I purchased was an AT&T system that left a lot to be desired. Difficult to register handsets, batteries that shook loose during normal usage, and generally uncomfortable to hold.

As with all technologies, things got better with time, and when it came time that I could no longer stand the AT&Ts, I was hearing good things about the Uniden TRU8866 system. Seeing as it was getting good reviews, operated in the 5.8GHz range, so as not to interfere with 2.4GHz WiFi, it seemed worth a try.

I love it. Not only do I have the system at work, I now also have it at home. Registering handsets doesn’t use some arcane system of entering a 12-digit number, you just drop the new handset (a TCX805 expansion handset) in the base, wait three seconds, it beeps at you, it’s registered. You can have up to ten handsets on each base, transfer phone books between them, give different ring tones to different numbers, and use it as an excellent intercom system.

Uniden TCX805The batteries are connected by wires inside the handsets as opposed to floating loose like the AT&T one’s did; so, no more battery slide while on the phone and losing my call! And the batteries are great, I had a 4-hour phone call the other night on one handset before it even started to act up, and at that point I just transfered the call to another handset.

I was also surprised to learn that it even works with my MCI Voicemail to blink and let me know I have a message waiting. Nice to know as I hated always picking up the phone to hear the beep tell me.

Now, the feature I have no way to test, but the mere concept interests me; supposedly this whole system is backwards AND forwards compatible with other Uniden phones.

I’m normally not one for saying glowing things about a product, just the opposite actually, but if you are still using a landline, or a VoIP system that allows you to use your own phones, I can’t recommend this system enough.

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