July 16 2007

Post Office

US Postage StampsCould someone please explain to me why people give a rat’s hiney what is pictured on their stamps? I mean, seriously, unless you’re a collector, you’re going to lick it, place it on an envelope, and never see the damned thing again!

Why do I rant about this? I despise going to the post office in the first place (see Luis? I did understand your pain!), but when the line is out to the lobby, and the person at one of the windows is going through every stamp… I want to kill them. “Well, what else ya got back there? Oh, that’s nice… well… I don’t know, let me see that first one again…” PICK A FREAKIN’ STAMP YOU IDIOT!

The ultimate insult? When they settle for the basic stamps… you know… the ones they could have bought from the machine in the lobby? Yeah… I love those people the most. They have a special place in my heart.

Luckily the postal service now offers free pickup service, and my trips to the post office have been reduced to once a month or so, but damned do those visits kill me.

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