July 17 2007

Second Thoughts On Sponsored Posts

A little while ago I made a post that I would be doing sponsored posts every now and then. Don’t bother looking for it, I deleted it. This is not revisionist history as I am admitting here I did it, but, when the time came to pull the trigger and do my first one… I couldn’t.

Now, let me state, I am not slamming people who do them, more power to you, but I came to the conclusion it was not the right thing for THIS blog. I write many reviews on various forms of media, and if I started selling off such things, it would make all of my content questionable.  When I make a post like the Uniden Cordless Phones commentary, I want you to know I posted that out of a sincere love for the product, and not because someone paid me to do it.

Obviously I have no problem with monetizing a blog, as evidenced by the ads in my right column. They bring in next to no revenue, to be honest, if I get a sale a month, I’m amazed, but I believe in those merchants, so I have their ads up. If I start letting in any old advertisement, especially in the form of a post, it will cheapen my entire blog.

I also came to some conclusions about my feelings on blogging as of late, mainly due to my involvement in the Blog Project:Three contest; I need to take this more seriously. After four years of doing this, floundering for a direction, I have come to a point I need to add a more serious tone. Does this mean no more humor? Please, it’s me, do you think I can go more than a day without cracking wise? No, I can’t. I will, however, strive to sprinkle more posts of relevance here and there.

Another deciding factor for me was adding my Feedburner RSS Feed, showing me just how many people are subscribing to my feed. While the number is low currently, is it fair to them to fill their RSS inbox with what amounts to spam? No, it’s not. We all hate spam in the various forms it takes, and this would have been no better.

So, in short, it was silly of me to have even considered it, and it will not be happening on this blog at any point in the future.

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