July 18 2007

My new job

A little while back I made a post about having joined the website as a writer. Well, I’m still there, but now I can announce I have also joined the staff of You can check out my very first post here, it’s about the new BlackBerry 8820 that was just announced. (I want this SO bad)

This is going to be a daily gig, but the pieces are fairly short, so it shouldn’t be much of a strain. I am also in talks with another site that I just sent a sample piece to. If I get that one, I’m going to stop looking around as I think three sites will be enough work on top of my day job!

I have to admit I am a little shocked at how well this has fallen together. I’ve been looking for a little less than a month for professional writing jobs, and I’ve landed two for sure. Color me surprised.

And, by the way, Shari asked me in her comments if these were “real jobs” where I am actually handed money… yes… they are.

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