July 20 2007

Dinner For Five

Dinner For FiveI had no clue Dinner For Five was getting a complete DVD set until last night! Best.Birthday.Present.To.Myself.EVER!

If you aren’t familiar with this series, it aired for four seasons on IFC. The premise was simple: Jon Favreau would invite four people from various parts of the entertainment industry to have dinner, and it was filmed. While this sounds odd, it was the most brilliant “talk show” ever.

Everyone has had those dinner conversations where topics just naturally flow one in to the other , you open, you discuss things you might not in any other setting, this just happened to be caught by cameras. Never once did Iget the feeling anyone was overly aware of the cameras, they were just five people having amazing conversations about the things they loved, and sharing anecdotes you would never hear on late night talk shows. (Sarah Silverman and Rod Steiger discussing smoking pot comes to mind.)

If you look through the episode guide, you’ll see that some of the invited guests are people you would never imagine being in the same room together, but food is such a common bonding element, they would all seem like old friends by the end of the episode. The only time you could tell things didn’t go as planned was the numerous appearances of Faizon Love, a close friend of Favreau’s. He was hilarious, and I always enjoyed him, but you could also tell it was an “Oh crap, someone can’t make it… call Faizon!” moment.

Amazon is selling it for $41.99, and it contains 49 episodes. Seriously, I know this sounds like a very odd show, and it was, but if you love movies, if you love dinner with good friends, there is no DVD set more deserving of your money.

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