July 22 2007

Vacations Revisited

You know, I give up.

Back in March I mentioned that barring any major changes, I would be taking a vacation in October. In May I updated you that it was up in the air.

Well, it’s dead sadly. (to those who know more about where I was going and doing, it was truly unavoidable, and there are NO hard feelings at all) So, back to the grindstone, and we’ll see if something happens that actually prompts me to make plans again, but for now I’m not going anywhere. Japan got killed off for August also due to shifting things here at home.

Mind you, I’m not angry with anyone involved in changing plans, but sometimes I just have to wonder why I ever think my plans will come together. Japan has ended up being canceled for two years running now, who knows when I’ll ever get back there. And even when I plan a day trip, those end up dying too.

I swear, I am never making plans again for anything. September, 1996 was my last true “vacation”, so I am beginning to think I’m cursed… maybe that’s just me.

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