July 24 2007

All good things must come to an end

Pirate Master LogoOkay, maybe not good things, but things still end. CBS has yanked the craptastic Pirate Master with five episodes unaired. The remaining episodes will be burned off on the CBS website over the next five Tuesdays.

I talked about this suck-fest when it first aired, and I did catch it here and there afterwards; it got no better. I think the format is what tanked it. With only one challenge per episode, there were long periods of nothing but talking that amounted to nothing. It also didn’t help that the host had the personality of a stale biscuit… heck, I can’t even remember his name, he was that boring.

You know if you can’t keep a reality series going in the middle of summer, when the airwaves are devoid of fresh programming, you have some serious problems.

In a more shocking turn of events, the Weekly World News has called it quits after 28 years of publication. Not even three weeks ago I was in Wal-Mart with my Mother, laughed about “babies alive on the Titanic” being the headline, and wondered how in the world this rag stayed in print. Gee, guess I got my answer.

Weekly World NewsFor those three of you who have not heard of this pillar of the “news” community… well, I have included one of their most famous covers for you to enjoy. “BAT CHILD FOUND IN CAVE” is the first time I really remember ever noticing the magazine, and, oddly, most people also point to that cover as the one they remember.

I think the idea of writing real news was beyond them, though they always claimed all their stories were researched. My suspicion is they were researched with out-patients of a mental hospital, but what do I know?

So, why do I include these two stories in the same post? Well, I am sure it is a coincidence they happened on the same day, but my hope would be it is an indicator of improving tastes of the general USA consumer market, but somehow I doubt that. One only needs to look at the box office tallies from this summer’s movie to see we still love our schlock.

It also doesn’t help I can’t escape the news today of Lindsay Lohan being charged with DUI and possession of cocaine. Yep… two pinnacles of stupidity gone… eight million to go.

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  • Jack Holcomb

    No opinion on the silly pirate reality show, except to say that I think that “reality TV” is intrinsically oxymoronic, and usually plain old moronic, too. I’ve never been a fan. I like my TV to be frankly fictional, I guess, instead of surreptitiously fictional.

    Re: Weekly World News, though, I think that this was a brilliant brilliant thing and I’m sad to see it go. I think WWN was essentially the Onion, but with MORE irony and MORE dedication to playing it straight. And it always made checking out at the grocery store into good fun.

    Hey, Sean, come over and have dinner with us next week! Any time! Tell us when would be good!