July 25 2007

MySpace cracks down on 29000 sex offenders… still some are unsatisfied.

MySpaceWell, I can dovetail from one of my paid pieces today in to my own blog with this story. MySpace has booted 29,000 registered sex offenders off their site, this accounts for approx .o16% of the 180,000,000 million registered accounts with the social networking giant. Well… that’s still too many for Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

See, Richard hear feels that social networks should require age verification and/or parental permission for each and every person on a social network to protect them from predators.

Is he insane?

Let me ask you this: Have you done this with AOL? Other types of websites? Every IM Program? How about we even go local? Are you going to verify all this info at malls? Playgrounds? No no, just at social networking sites because it makes you look like you’re actually up on the latest advances in the world of technology. Actually, you are coming off as a sad little man desperately grasping at straws to make your self sound relevant in the modern age.

I am all for protecting children, but this is not a government regulation type situation. This is a “Patents… know what your kids are doing” situation… AGAIN! I am not going to link to the umpteen stories I have done about how parents have to be responsible for what goes on in their house, but this is another example of it.

Why is this still so hard for people to grasp? Why do people not comprehend that the ultimate authority in situations such as this resides with the parents? Why do they have to have their JOB (yes folks, it is a job) handled for them by the legislators? Parents need to keep computers in a common area where they can monitor what their children are doing, but it’s too easy to let them have it in their room and that way Bobby and Susie stay in their rooms, out f their lazy-ass parents way.

Can you tell this subject pisses me off? It really does.

.016% of the total MySpace population and that means it requires the government stepping in? No, it doesn’t. Killing people with paperwork isn’t the answer. Doing the job of the parents isn’t the answer. There is no universal answer, there is no “one-size-fits-all” band-aid for this situation beyond PARENTS being more responsible. Why punish everyone because of some lazy parents?

This boggles my mind to no end.

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