July 27 2007

Buffy Season 8, Issue 5


Buffy Season 8, Issue 5 Characters Seen:
Andrew (I think)

Characters Mentioned:

This is the first issue without Joss Whedon writing the script, and it went in a very different direction.

It has been mentioned in previous issues that there are fake Buffy look-a-likes running around to keep the bad guys confused, and this story focused on one of her decoys.

Starting off with faux-Buffy apparently dead… then flashing back to she is defending faeries from an invading horde of demons… to a flash back of her getting her Slayer powers while attending a private school… (yes, we flashbacked inside a flashback), we get to see what could be one of the oddest things ever, the commercial for 1-800-CHOSEN-1. “This pamplet came in the mails! It explains how many modern women and girls are suffering from this unnamed condition.” This is where I *think* it’s Andrew, but I’m not sure s no artist seems to be able to draw him properly.

So, unknown girl makes the call and meets with a woman who asks her about the things she’s been feeling, begins training with other freshly-minted slayers, and Giles shows up to fill in the last details they need.

We learn that one of them will be made in to a Buffy decoy, to figure out which, a group of Slayers goes out to fight a group of vampires in an alley, and when School Girl puts herself in harms way to protect her team, she gets picked as the Buffy for the group. Told she will have to change her looks, and really pretend to be her, she is going underground to help the good creatures fight against the coming demons.

She passes their tests, tells them they must band together, and then we start jumping around in time again… the coming fight… saving her friends at school from a runaway semi truck… the horde arrives, the main demon kills her, just as other Slayers arrive… and she dies… nameless, except for being known as Buffy.

A little confusing at first, but everything relates to “The Chain”, the connection all Slayers share with one another and the past Slayers. Everything about them is a chain, one thing relating to another, leading to another, becoming one long chain of events.

It was an interesting aside, and I think it would have played better on an actual TV screen, but it was still interesting to see the life of one of those thousands of newly created Slayers.

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