July 28 2007

Last Supper gets more anaylsis

Didn’t The Da Vinci Code already play the subject of hidden messages in The Last Supper to death? According to this story, an information technologist and amateur scholar, named Slavisa Pesci, somehow got the idea to place a reversed copy of the image over the regular copy and wackiness ensued!

Last Supper LeftOkay, on the left side, he claims that first off, Judas appears in a gap, and in the center section, a baby is seen being held.


I don’t see a baby, I see a mess, and so what if Judas appears in a gap? That means what? Nothing.

I am not sure why this guy even thought of this, he claims it was an accident, but, honestly, how do you “accidentally” place a reversed copy of of one of the world’s most famous paintings over the original? You don’t.

Last Supper RightThis second picture is slightly more interesting, but I still call “BS!” on it. On the far right, one of the figured looks like he may be wearing armor, which of course makes people say “It’s the Knights Templar!”… yeah… we’ve all been reading Dan Brown haven’t we? I thought so.

Leonard Da Vinci was a fascinating and brilliant man, but that doesn’t mean there are hidden codes in everything he did. Heck, it doesn’t even guarantee that ANYTHING he did had a hidden code in it!

So, look at these pictures all you want, but I honestly think there is nothing to all of this, but you never know, you might see something I don’t.

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