July 29 2007

Thunderbird’s future uncertain?

ThunderbirdI love my Thunderbird mail client, it’s actually the first mail client I’ve even LIKED let alone loved.

Now it seems that Mozilla, the same group that develops Firefox, is looking to dump Thunderbird, and the mail client’s future is uncertain at best. According to this blog post, and several that follow it, Mozilla is going to stop work on Thunderbird, but they are making this announcement with no firm plans in place.

Well… that’s not bright.

Many of us have come to depend on the mail reader just as we have on Firefox, and if they want to dump it, fine, but make sure you have some sort of plans you can tell your loyal users in place instead of going “Oh, we’re done with it… fend for yourselves.” True, this is a non-profit, open source project, but when you become one of the leading software utilities on the Internet, don’t you have some form of obligation to your user base? I would think so.

Mozilla says they are looking at seveal options such as forming their own new non-profit, handing it off to another group, or a couple of other things.

All I know is, I’m depressed.

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