July 30 2007

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney ToddDirector Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp are once again teaming up on screen. I know, you’re all shocked, this only makes the sixth time by my count. This time it’s the musical, Sweeney Todd.

Yes, you read that correctly… it’s a musical.

So far, this poster is the only image that’s been released, (click it for a larger version) and it looks like we can expect more of the trademark Burton wackiness, which, oddly enough, is fine by me.

While I get bored with most directors using the same styles and trademarks over and over, there are certain ones you would beat around the head if they ever changed. Burton is one, Martin Scorsese also comes to mind.

With Burton, I think he represents something Hollywood is too often missing anymore: Whimsy.

What happened to the idea that films were supposed to fill you with wonder? Yes, they need to make money to keep the machine oiled, but it’s nice to every once in awhile sit down, watch a movie that throws all the current standards out the window and goes “You know, we really have no clue how this even got greenlighted, so, please, sit back, enjoy, and we’ll just pretend this is our little secret.”

To me, this is what Tim Burton represents. Who in their right mind gave this project a green light? It’s Johnny Depp… singing… in a musical… directed by Tim Burton. While it fills me with a boyish glee I can’t exactly describe, I don’t see this being a huge hit at the box office in the traditional sense. I quite frankly don’t care so long as I get to see it, grin broadly as I do at all Burton/Depp projects, and walk away saying “Please, sir… may I have some more?”

As the poster says, look for this at Christmas time… I know I’ll be there.

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