July 31 2007

iPods? iMacs?

ipodsWell, I can’t copy exactly what I said, but check out this entry and this entry on for all the details.

Rumors are abounding, but Apple has announced one of their big press events for August 7th. This always means new products, but it seems it will be Mac centric and this means the new retooling of the iMacs are almost certain, but the iPods are the big question.

Time is running out for the holiday shopping season, and I find it highly doubtful Steve Jobs is going to allow Apple to go into the all important fourth quarter without a new “hot item”, and that’s not going to be a shiny new iMac.

So, next Wednesday, since I have to cover the story for, I will post a link here to the story instead of my usual rundown. Oh how I love these “Come to God” events.

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