August 1 2007


DreamHost LogoFor the first time ever, I have actually renewed my contract with a webhost as opposed to looking for greener pastures the second it ended!

My contract with DreamHost isn’t actually up until November, but I had the extra funds this week to renew for two years, getting me the best price, so I did it. Not only did I renew, I upped my package to their third tier of packages. With my accumulated time with them already, I have 441GB of storage (which grows by 2GB a week) and 5TB of bandwidth a month (which grows by 32GB a week).

Yes, those are insane stats, but besides, I am also hosting and on this account, and I have plans for more sites to be added. So… I planned ahead.

Overall I’ve been very happy here, there’s been a few hiccups, as there are with any host, but they are always super responsive and very generous with their solutions. The worst incident was a severe lag on all my sites, and even though they found the culprit on my server (it wasn’t me), they offered to move me to another rack with no hesitation. That actually is a lot of work, but they didn’t even blink at it.

So, I’m here for at least two more years, with a ton of storage and bandwidth!

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